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I also have had the same problem as other posters. I placed an order with Amazon which went thru Buy.Com.

I checked their site for tracking info and it showed they tried to deliver on July 28th and I wasn't home. Then it showed that the delivery was made on July 29th. I was home all day both days. I even received a delivery from UPS on the 28th.

I have emailed Ensenda, & but no response yet. I can tell you that I will never order from any company that uses Ensenda again and I will want confirmation that they are not using them.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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ensenda sucks i contact them several times about a package that said it was delivered at the front door and nothing was there.i was there all day and nothing they said they would call me back nothing 6 times amazon needs to drop them .


Ensenda really sucks I have never had this experience with any other carrier. They said they attempted delivery on three different occasions every one I was home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then last night I check the status and it says it was delivered!!!!!!! I don't have my package I will never never use Ensenda again or buy from anyone that uses them.


I've had 3 recent deliveries from Amazon via Ensenda. Their problem is simple.

The delivery person NEVER rings the bell in Apartment vestibule. So how would a resident even know that a delivery was attempted? [Camp out on the doorstep from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm?]

Ensenda contracts out their delivery services. It would be really, really helpful if the drivers RING the bell, and make ABSOLUTELY certain that person was NOT available before reporting an "Attempted Delivery." On the last delivery, I was lucky that I discovered the Atempted Delivery notation on line within 5 minutes.

I called the Ensenda toll free number and they were able to text the driver. He showed up at the door within 10 minutes, but I happened to be down in the vestibule (he never rang the bell) He admitted that he had brought the package to an address several blocks away.

I'm lucky that the person there was not home. Otherwise, my package would have been lost


I ordered the iron gym from amazon on the 28th with 2day shipping, on the 30th i never received a package so i tracked it it said "delivery attempted" witch is BS im home all day with my nephew and no one tried to deliver it. i called customer service and they said it will be here the next day...

it never cam so i tracked it again and it said it was delivered and left on my door step without a signature i called customer sevice again and they said it was delivered and they would call the driver to see whats going on. now they are saying they can send the driver back to try and find it or they can contact amazon and have them send a new one out..

WHAT THE ***!! what kinda professional company works lke this these people wll be out of business soon i hope


Hey Everyone I am currently having a problem with Ensenda as well each time they said they attempted delivery and I wasn't home.. BOGUS because I am always home during the day..

I have called twice now.. and I expect I will be calling again this afternoon since this is the 4th attempt to deliver.

haha.. this compnay is a joke..


We did have the problem ordering off of Amazon and having a faulty first ship. but a few days later, after a few phone calls the packages arrived, very friendly man needing a signature (totally agree).

Pleasure using Ensenda, it's a small company unlike UPS or FedEx, but one mistake with the shipping and then we got the packages.

Can't really say anything about that.

Thanks very much.



Here is my latest shipping number. can you retrain my delivery guy?

they keep saying they delivered stuff and then it will show up a week later on my doorstep. THIS particular item hasnt been delivered, says that it was (I was home all day this day), and it was due to be delivered by yesterday.


Hi Maureencarr,

I’m the Manager of Customer Operation at Ensenda. Would it be possible for you to get me the Amazon Tracking Number for your shipment? We will get this driver retrained ASAP. My email is



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