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I have had two orders come from amazon through ensenda, and both times they have entered into the tracking system that they had delivered when they hadnt. they are just lying i suppose so it looks like they are doing their jobs.

both times packages were not delivered by the last date given to me by amazon, and i am still waiting on one package. i imagine it will show up some time. but this is it, i will not be ordering anything from amazon proper (individuals selling will be fine - they dont use ensenda) for a long time.

i am so annoyed.

G2E3000008221 -- the latest one that was supposedly delivered

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Add me to the list of Amazon Prime / Ensenda disasters. Quite honestly...

I turn these debacles to my advantage. Customer support has the ability to credit your account in situations like these, so I make $5 - $10 every time Amazon uses a carrier that can't seem to understand how to get a package from point A to point B in two days.



Say delivered - but no where to be found - then found on far end of porch - 10 feet from the front door - with all seasonal storage items - soaking wet! I work from home...

no one rings the bell, nor puts near the door. UPS, USPS, Fedex - all fine and good - Ensenda horrible!

Complained to Amazon - added to my profile that if any future orders are shipped with Ensenda - I will refuse / cancel order and place with another merchant!


Never ONCE had an issue with FedEx, USPS or UPS. I say ALL DAY yesterday, when it said it was out for delivery, waiting for my package, NOTHING!

I looked on the site this morning. Its back at the dock over 100 miles away, with a comment WEATHER.

What???? It rained yesterday, where is my package in an open pick-up truck?


Another PISSED OFF Amazon Prime customer here. Haven't had a problem with numerous orders delivered via UPS and FedEx over the last two years.

Then they start using Ensenda a month or so ago, and BAM! TWO lost packages! My Amazon Prime membership is up for renewal in a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, I am NOT renewing. Way to go, Ensenda, you bunch of asshats!


right. how about you fire that company.

it doesnt take a genius to know not to say delivered when you didnt. the first package was apparently delivered to me three times, according to your tracking system. delivered, out for delivery, delivered, attempted delivery, delivered. gee, retraining would look like what, i cant imagine.

i found myself on amazon again today and then i remembered, oh yeah, i will never get this package. so i didnt order anything.


Saw your post, researched your order information, and we will use your feedback to retrain the driver. Please feel free to email me with any further info or comments.


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