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I was confused when I went to track an order from Amazon and saw that it was being shipped through a company I had never heard of before called ENSENDA. After a quick search I became concerned because of the negative comments I found on this website.

My package was set to be delivered today, I had it shipped to my office. I checked the tracking info on both Amazon and Ensenda constantly. It said the package was "out for delivery" until 7:44pm when apparently someone attempted to deliver it and "couldn't leave package".

The only excuse I can think of is the location of my business. We're in a shopping center- in a courtyard so we're not on the main strip. I can't help but think that whoever came to deliver the package couldn't find our location. New customers sometimes have trouble finding us. But that's not a good enough reason for me. Obviously we get shipments from UPS and Fedex all the time.

I've never had any trouble ordering from Amazon and will continue to as long as I can ensure that they will not use this company to ship my items.

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Have ordered from amazon for years, and yesterday got a call from ensenda saying they couldn't deliver my package because I used my official usps address, RFD, and they couldn't find my address. Since amazon usually ships via usps, I didn't know they needed a physical address versus a mailing address.

I use the same address for every shipment, and ups, fedex, etc has always found my home.

I guess esenda lacks the software to convert unusual usps addresses that other carriers have. Hopefully, the package will show up, but I with all the negative reviews about ensenda, don't get why amazon continues to use them


wtf im pissed the status is out for delivery at first it said it was out for delivery at 5:32 AM then it says 4:30 PM and yet i still havent recieved i myself am also PISSED

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